Which is the best penny stock trading day trading strategy for beginner investors?

A penny stock is a stock that trades for pennies, like a penny stock.It trades on the London Stock Exchange, which is a market for stocks.You could buy a penny stocks ETFs for pennys.You can also trade on NASDAQ, a stock exchange for stocks, or the U.S. Stock Exchange for stocks like Apple and Cisco.You […] →Read more

Best online trading app

It’s easy to make money online and trading on a mobile device can be a pain.But there’s one app that has a chance of making money online for the first time ever: The Lad bible.The app, launched last month by Australian-born entrepreneur and former Facebook engineer Tim O’Brien, allows users to create their own trading […] →Read more

When you trade stocks, how much do you need to make?

The cost of trading stocks has risen to a level not seen since the Great Depression, according to new research.The cost has increased more than 100 per cent over the last decade.The report released by The Globe and Mail shows that from 2003 to 2018, the average price of a stock in Canada was $3,800, […] →Read more

The Pokémon GO trading card company stopped trading its game after it had a $5 million funding round

The Pokémon Go trading card game has stopped trading cards after a $10 million funding raise led to the company shutting down the game.The Pokémon GO card trading company announced it was shutting down its business on Thursday, and the company said it would suspend trading cards for three days after a new round of […] →Read more

Watch for signs that a trade war is brewing

Watch for any signs that trade war or an extended hours trading session is brewing.It may also signal a trade slowdown.Traders will start to pay attention if:  The trade gap between two markets narrows. The market is closing. There is an increase in the price of the underlying asset, a trend that will be expected to slow as […] →Read more

How to Find Out Which Main Trading Companies Are Trading on the Internet, in Your Area

Main trading companies are one of the most important parts of any online trading operation.While they can be easily identified, they are not necessarily the best way to determine whether a stock is likely to go up or down.And they’re not necessarily a good indicator of what the company is planning to do next.So what […] →Read more

What the Feds know about Forex Trading Scams

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has begun investigating the Forex trading scam that has been sweeping the globe.The FBI is also involved in the investigation.The agency announced in a statement that it is “aware of and is working with authorities in the United Kingdom and the United States” about the case.It is “extremely concerned […] →Read more

Why binary options trading is ‘the future’

Binary options trading, also known as binary options, is an alternative to buying and selling securities on the secondary market.It uses a combination of computer programming and trading techniques to convert the value of a security into a unit of exchange.There are currently about 100 binary options on the market.The value of the options on […] →Read more

How to trade stocks with robin hood day trading

I can’t really believe I’m writing this.But here it is.In case you missed it: Robin Hood Day Trading is an incredibly easy way to trade your stocks at the start of the next trading session.It’s not the same as a full-on trading session where you’re able to trade, but it is an excellent way to […] →Read more

How to trade in a global marketplace, trading for 1.8 million stocks

What you need to know about the trading world.If you’ve been looking for a place to buy and sell stock on a global exchange, you’re not alone.Many of the biggest and best U.S. stocks have been listed on the Nasdaq for years, with dozens of others on the platform.For the past few years, the Nasex […] →Read more