Watch for signs that a trade war is brewing

Watch for any signs that trade war or an extended hours trading session is brewing.

It may also signal a trade slowdown.

Traders will start to pay attention if:  The trade gap between two markets narrows. 

The market is closing. 

There is an increase in the price of the underlying asset, a trend that will be expected to slow as more investors and investors demand more in return for their investments. 

Traders will start noticing when the trading gap widens. 

Trade rebalancing can also signal that traders are beginning to look for higher yields, as they have been over the past few years. 

A large decline in demand for an asset will signal a reduction in supply, which will likely reduce prices for that asset. 

Some investors will want to sell stocks or bonds in order to boost their return.

The stock market is one of the main markets that investors invest in, so if demand drops, stocks will fall. 

Investors may decide to buy stocks in order the stock market to rebound, which would boost their returns. 

When there is a decrease in the amount of money investors have in their portfolios, that may signal a slowing of demand. 

This pattern is also expected to last until the end of the trading session. 

At that point, investors will start buying more of the assets that have been trading, such as stocks and bonds, in an attempt to boost returns.

This can lead to a stock market rebound. 

It is possible that some markets may start to close in tandem, which could cause investors to sell in order for the stock markets to reopen. 

In this scenario, the stock and bond markets will continue to trade, and investors will buy again. 

Finally, there may be a shift to the market as a whole, which may be an indication that a slowdown is in the works. 

One thing that is certain is that the trade season is starting soon. 

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As you look at this list of the markets that are trending the most, remember to look at the underlying markets.

If there are signs of an economic slowdown in the US, you may want to consider buying stocks or bond in order that the markets will rebound.