How to trade after hours in Ireland

The Irish Stock Exchange is in the middle of a massive overhaul of its trading platforms, but the biggest news has been that it will no longer be offering after hours trading for its trading partners.

The new platform will still allow trading on a “short-term” basis.

It will still be able to offer short-term trading for traders on short-to-medium-term or longer-term contracts, which are currently available for trading.

However, traders on long-term options will no long-run option to buy or sell on the stock market.

If you’re looking to trade overnight or short term, or just need to trade a few hours a day, there’s still a place to go.

The new trading platform will be available for immediate use, and will be subject to the same trading rules as the existing platforms.

However the change will affect trading for trading partners of the Exchange, and those on short term options will still have access to their trading options, although they will be restricted to short- to medium-term and long-to short- term contracts.

In short, this will be a big shake-up for Irish trading, but one that may prove beneficial for traders who want to make their trading decisions on a short- or long-time basis.

The changes are being announced by the Irish Securities Ombudsman.

It says that the changes will make it easier for trading firms to manage their business and will also allow them to make better use of technology.

The move is part of a wider overhaul of the Irish stock exchange that will see it make changes to its trading rules, the use of electronic data, and the introduction of the “short to medium term” trading option.

It’s expected to be implemented in the first half of 2019.