Wall Street’s paper trading app is making millions with paper stocks

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But the real Donald Trump has been the President’s most vocal critic.

Now, in this episode of ‘The Morning Show,’ host Matt Lauer speaks with Donald Trump, Jr., a New York real estate developer and Trump’s oldest son.

In the weeks after the election, Trump Jr., who is now in his 30s, was seen holding up an American flag, and at times, even calling for a ‘march of love and unity.’

But on Friday, The New York Times reported that Trump Jr.’s family has been making millions selling papers for a paper trading company.

The paper trading companies make millions from trading stocks, bonds, and other securities, and in return, the traders get a commission.

‘We’re getting more money from the paper companies,’ Trump Jr.,” Lauer says.

‘The paper companies are getting more commissions from us than they are from any other company.’

Trump Jr. also reportedly says that he and his father, who has been described as ‘the most powerful man in the world,’ ‘need to be treated as such.’

In the latest episode of The Morning Show, Lauer tells Trump Jr that he is not racist, but that he was a victim of a ‘culture of entitlement’ that he has ‘never seen before.’

He says that it is ‘tougher’ for women to be on social platforms than it is for men.

Lauer also tells Trump, who is in his 20s, to stop calling himself a ‘bigot’ and that he should call himself a “real American.”

‘The people who say that are liars,’ Trump says.

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