The stock market is trading at its lowest point since it started its trading in 1877

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen over 1,200 points since the start of the year, its lowest since 1877.

That’s a far cry from when President Donald Trump won the election in November, when the index gained more than 300 points.

The Dow has gained less than 20 points since December, its low point since the end of the Great Depression.

But Trump’s victory was a boost for the stock market.

The S&P 500, which has risen almost 500 points this year, is up more than 4% on its last day.

The Nasdaq Composite Index, which rose 5.4% this year to 4,908, is still up more slowly than the Dow.

The index’s performance is down from the highs seen in the late 1980s, when stocks were soaring at the height of the dotcom boom.

The stock markets have been on a tear since Trump took office in January, and it is now trading at the lowest level since 1876.

The latest correction in the S&amps stock market comes just days after the Federal Reserve said it was likely to hike interest rates this year.

The Fed is set to raise interest rates by an additional 0.25 percentage points, or 0.05 percentage points in September, from the previous month’s 1.25% hike.

That would be the first time the central bank has raised rates this month since mid-2016.

This is the fourth straight month that the stock markets lost ground.

The market lost more than 1,100 points last year.

Since Trump’s election, the S & P 500 and the Nasdaq have both gained more.

The broader S&amping market is up about 1% so far this year from a year ago.

The P/E ratio, a measure of how many companies are trading at a certain price, is also at its highest level since December.

The 10-year Treasury yield is at a record low.

That has helped the S-&amp&amp*t-t-trade, the market for the most expensive security available, surge more than 8% this month.

In the longer term, stocks are also likely to be on a roller coaster ride.

The benchmark 10-yuan note yields hit a record high of $1,058.80 yesterday.

That was the highest level ever for a 10-yr note.

The bond market, where interest rates have been very low for years, is at an all-time high, at an average rate of 7.9%.

The yield on the 10-yo Treasury is currently at 3.86%.

This is not the way things used to be.

The average 10-month bond yields in recent years have been just 2.6%.