How short trading and shorting can destroy your portfolio

Posted October 10, 2018 09:00:48In the aftermath of a record-breaking year for short-selling, a new market phenomenon is emerging: short-term trading.

Short-term traders, or “short sellers,” are taking advantage of a relatively new trend in trading to take advantage of the momentum of a market event and sell their short positions.

This phenomenon has spawned several different trading strategies, which involve placing a short position against a trading market and then selling them once the market event has passed.

While this is technically illegal, it can also have a massive impact on your portfolio and financial health.

A new trend: short trading in real-timeThis is the first time short trading has been used in real time in an automated trading platform, according to the website.

This isn’t the first instance of automated trading on an online platform.

In April, the trading platform Coinapult started offering trading for a limited time for the purpose of shorting bitcoin futures contracts.

This automated trading service is still in the beta stage.

While there is a new trend brewing, there are also many companies offering short-trading software and services, including one called “BitPanda” which was recently named the most popular short-trade platform on the platform.