Stock trading simulator simulators to be released in 2017

A new stock trading simulator game is to be announced in 2017.

The app, called StockTrader, will allow users to set up their own trading environment and build a team of stock traders in order to trade on the stock market.

The game will be released by a developer who is based in Hong Kong and will be based on a stock trading app called Trader, according to Business Insider.

The developer behind StockTricker, an Android game which will allow trading on stocks on Android, said he wanted to create a new game that would allow players to play a stock-trading game that has a very different style and feel to the other simulators available.

“We are using the stock trading experience to create our own unique game, where you can create a team and play a unique game,” the developer said.

“This is a game that will be a completely new experience for users and we want to give you the chance to try it out.”

The game is scheduled to be launched on the Google Play Store in 2017, although it may be later.

It comes just months after Stock Trader launched on Apple’s App Store, and was initially downloaded more than 500,000 times.

There are currently several stock trading games available on Android that allow players control a team or group of traders to play stock trading simulators, but StockTrager will be the first game to feature a real-time trading system that allows players to create and buy stock and sell stocks.

The Google Play store page for StockTracker reads: “Play Stock Trader in a fun, fast and easy way.

It allows you to build and play trading teams and team strategies.

It is a real time trading game.”

The developer, James Cope, said the game would feature “unique gameplay mechanics” similar to those of stock trading, but that the game’s focus was on making it “easy for anyone to play” and “easy to learn”.

“It will be available to everyone on Android and iOS,” Cope said.

“The stock trading system will be intuitive and simple to use.”

There are no plans for a PC version of the app yet.