‘Mystery woman’: Woman with mysterious tattoo says she has been traded for a husband

A mystery woman has claimed she has become a wife to a man whose profile on an online dating website was stolen.

The woman, whose name has not been released, told CNN she met the man online and they exchanged thousands of texts before he left the country.

She said she eventually got married and was given the name “Mel” and was told he had left the United States and was in Mexico.

She said she was given a number of dates to meet her husband.

Mel said she told her husband she wanted to live in New Zealand and stay with him, but she said he had told her he had a girlfriend in Mexico and he was working.

“I thought he was joking around and it was not real,” she said.

She contacted the police, but they said she did not have a right to an identity and it would be impossible for her to go back to the U.S. to marry him, according to the police.

Mel’s lawyer, Mark Schuster, said the woman had not filed a police report and had not provided the police with the name of her husband who is in Mexico with the woman.

The man told CNN he had never met the woman and said she had not contacted him since she returned to the United Kingdom from New Zealand.

He also said he was happy to move to New Zealand if she did marry him.

“My husband is a wonderful person and I wish him nothing but the best,” the man said.