When it comes to a new product, what’s the right way to buy it?

With the start of spring and the spring equinox, many retailers have started offering their Spring Sales and Spring Shipping products.

But some retailers are having trouble keeping up with the demand. 

According to a survey of more than 8,000 shoppers by NPD Group, shoppers are still unsure if they should buy a new spring cleaning product or not. 

“The majority of respondents were unsure if the Spring Sales or Spring Shipping are the best choice for their needs,” said the survey’s co-author, Dr. Paul Wieden, PhD. In a report released on Tuesday, the NPD found that, even with the arrival of spring, consumers still have no clear picture of what they should and shouldn’t buy in order to save money. 

Survey respondents were asked what they would do if they had to decide between a new cleaning product, a new shoe or a new carpet. 

More than half of respondents said they would opt for a new Spring Sales, and nearly a quarter would opt to buy a Spring Shipping. 

Some shoppers also said they could afford to shop around for Spring Shipping, but they are unsure of what to buy. 

While it’s still unclear what to expect from the new spring, a Spring Sales has proven to be an appealing option for some shoppers. 

This spring, more than 6,000 stores across the country are offering Spring Sales packages for an introductory price of $89.50. 

A Spring Shipping offers a three-month free trial and a free return shipping option. 

Spring Sales packages can be purchased online or at retail locations nationwide. 

The National Association of Realtors reports that Spring Sales sales have doubled since the start the year, to nearly $3.7 billion. 

There have been over 1,200,000 Spring Sales transactions in the U.S. so far this year. 

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