What’s in store for trading on E3?

The UK’s biggest video game retailers are set to announce big changes for the holiday season, with the launch of Nintendo’s new trading card game trading card. 

The trading card system will allow consumers to trade items like Nintendo 3DS games and Nintendo DS games directly from their Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as other digital content. 

It will be available from retailers like GAME, GAME UK, GameStop and GAME.co.uk, with more retailers coming on board later this year. 

This means that customers will be able to trade their physical products like the 3DS game, Nintendo 3ds XL, and Nintendo Switch hardware directly with retailers. 

“Our customers have been asking us to bring the trading card service to the eShop for years, and we have a great relationship with them,” said GAME UK managing director Andrew Jones. 

He added: “We have a strong track record of delivering the best-in-class customer service in the industry, and this will allow our customers to trade directly with us, from anywhere in the world.”

Nintendo also confirmed that it is developing an “ultimate” trading card to be released next year.

“The trading cards we will be releasing next year will be our best yet,” said Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime.

“We are proud to be the only retailer to have successfully introduced trading cards for Nintendo Switch, the most popular Nintendo Switch console, and now we will continue to build on our successful relationships with other retailers to offer a more advanced trading card for all Nintendo Switch games.”

The launch of the trading cards will come as a surprise to many Nintendo fans.

Nintendo’s trading card systems for Nintendo 3DO and 3DS were previously only available to the first four people to buy each game, with others needing to be signed in, as part of a pre-order process.

But this year Nintendo will be launching its trading card app to all Nintendo fans, meaning that people who previously bought physical games on Nintendo Switch can now do so for free. 

Nintendo will also be launching a free online trading card sharing platform for its 3DS and Wii U digital games, with users able to exchange and swap cards to trade games. 

Gamers and Nintendo fans will also have access to the game trading cards, so gamers can trade their copies of the games on their Switch consoles. 

With the launch, Nintendo hopes that its trading cards app will help Nintendo Switch fans get more out of their Nintendo consoles, and help them to gain access to other online Nintendo trading card services. 

As the company announced this week, it plans to launch an online trading app to help people find new and exclusive Nintendo trading cards to take home for their gaming needs. 

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