‘It’s time to get rid of Trump’: Democrats rally behind Sanders

As Bernie Sanders is running for president, the Democratic Party is rallying behind him.

The group of party leaders is holding a rally Tuesday at the Capitol in Washington, DC.

The event, which will be held on the same day that Sanders addresses a joint session of Congress, will be streamed live on social media.

Sanders is facing pressure from liberals who are calling for his resignation as he struggles with the party’s increasingly divisive tone and policies.

A day after a leaked recording surfaced of Trump calling the media “the enemy of the American people,” Sanders supporters are rallying behind the Vermont senator.

“We have to get past this, we have to stop this,” Democratic strategist Tad Devine said at a rally.

“It’s not going to go away.”

He added: “Bernie Sanders is not the problem.

It’s that we have a Republican president.”

The Sanders camp says it is confident in its strategy, even as it is losing support from Democratic voters.

The Sanders campaign said the rally will be the largest gathering of the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Sanders has made his position on trade and immigration a key issue throughout the race, and the senator has often cited the need to protect the working class.

“I’m a strong believer in free trade, I’m a believer in immigration, I believe that the American worker should be protected, and that the United States should be a country of opportunity and upward mobility,” Sanders said at the rally.

“It’s a hard thing to do.

But I will do it.”

Democrats are hopeful that the rally, which is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people, will help rally the party behind Sanders.

Former President Barack Obama, who has called for a crackdown on immigration, was among the first to rally behind the candidate, saying in an interview with the New York Times that Sanders was the “only candidate that’s not just talking about the economic consequences of the rise of the oceans, but is also standing up for workers.”

“Bernie Sanders has the vision, he’s the policy, he has the guts, he is the candidate who can get things done,” Obama said.