How to play Pokemon Go in your browser

We’re still a few days away from Pokemon Go’s official launch in the US, but if you want to start playing Pokemon Go right away, here are the steps to follow.1.

Head over to Pokemon Go.com2.

Go to the official Pokemon Go website3.

Click the Pokemon Go icon in the top right corner4.

Select “Play Now” to beginThe game has two different modes: The free mode, where you can play with friends in a private game, and the paid mode, in which you can earn money for catching Pokemon.1 of 6 i View slideshow The first game mode, called “Private Game”, is the easiest to play: just follow these steps:1.

Go into Pokemon Go and select “Play now”2.

Enter the name of your Pokemon3.

Select a game mode (Free, Paid, etc.)4.

Go through a tutorial5.

The game will start, and you’ll see the current number of Pokemon you have, along with the amount you have to catch them to evolve them to level 5.

You can also see how many Pokemon you’ve caught by the number of “Pok√© Balls” you have.

The catch rate is how many Poke Balls you’ve managed to catch so far.

The second game mode is called “Play on Friends”, and it’s the hardest: it’s where you must play with a friend to catch Pokemon, but your friends will only be able to catch a limited number of them at a time.

This means that the catch rate will increase over time.

The first game is available on the App Store for free.

The second game is on the Google Play Store for $4.99.

We’re expecting to see the full game release on November 5.